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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cheers for Marks and Spencers!

Hi Julia here - yes definitely cheers all round for M&S!   No longer will I have to dive into  the Worthing branch when visiting my Brother and Sister-in-law -( the lovely Pat and Paul Lethbridge)   Great! I won't have to lug back to Sydney numerous packs of five pairs of their superb knickers which I know all us British gals rely on (sorry Bonds!)  . .  Another new shopping Mall is under construction in George Street (due to open in October) and it will house our very own Marks and Sparks...   We know that Myers and D.J are getting itchy feet and they'll sure need to scratch them!  But even  more than stunning would be if  M&S  put one of their marvelous  food halls in their Sydney Emporium.   This, once and for all,would  sort out all the b****y,boring nonsense that has been going on between Coles and Woolies, who will sure get far more than a mere slap on their wrists.   Let's keep our eyes and ears open - it's going to be fun!   Cheers for now - Julia

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