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Monday, February 3, 2014

Julia's Pilates session

Hi, Yes I have a stunning one-to-one session with Brad Leeon every Monday at 4pm.   I really look forward to it such a lot and we work together very well as he challenges me a great deal.The fact that we were both dancers is fun because  he often uses ballet terms  to describe what he wants me to do -so that I know exactly where he is coming from!.  I have worked with him for about three years.   While I'd been doing Pilates with other instructors before that, it was when I was finishing a very long course of steroids that I went to him, having been coping with the horrid side effects.   So much was wrong with my body -I'd lost a great deal of muscle in my legs and my balance was non-existent.   Now I move steadily on.   I had always danced since I was quite little, and have modified my exercise as I've got older.    the Pilates is wonderfully inspiring and keeping in touch with an art form which is so dear to my heart is something special.    Brad Leeon is exceptionally experienced and has trained Pilates instructors for along time.   He is in partnership with Leeon and Shaw   .Look up their website! -  Its really quite special.
All for now! Always, Julia

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