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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Murder, a Ring, a Book and a Day Off.

Sunday. Day of rest, yes? Decided really to take the day off and sit around and have a bit of a read and generally relax. So wrote a script for the programme I'm presenting tomorrow on, then roughed out an article I'm writing on Dashiell Hammett for Slightly Foxed, then transcribed twenty pages or so of Roman Murder Mystery, my book about Pompilia - the heroine of Browning's The Ring and the Book; this came out in 2001 and got the best critical notices of any book I have ever published. And sold about four copies (well, maybe 600 or so, but not enough). The rights having reverted to me, I'm revising it and putting it on Amazon for admirers to download and enjoy. The question is, was that really a day off?

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