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Monday, February 10, 2014

It's almost St Valentine's day -prepare NOW!

Hi gals and guys Julia here! Yes it'll be lovely St Valentine's day next Friday and with the Moon in big-hearted  Leo we'll be  in a generous mood and wanting to do the best for our special partners -and most importantly - those who we would like to be our special guy or gal! Quite a few of you will know about or heard mention of The Zodiac Anthologies.   These Derek and I edited, came out a year ago.    There is a separate anthology for each sign of the Zodiac and called  Poems of love and life for Aries. . . Taurus  and so on. . .  twelve books in all., and each has at least 80 poems - all of them out of copyright and no poem is repeated.   They are available online, each under its individual sign title, and are in hard copy too, published by Random House Australia, but bookshops will provide them anywhere.  In each there s a good collection of love poems and we are particularly pleased with their lovely covers specially designed for us by the award winning illustrator Rhain Nest James.   So while there's still time, you  might like to think of one of these as an alternative to a mushy Valentine's card - Choosing, of course, the right volume for your beloved's Sun Sign.   Incidentally, those of you in Australia who hear my work on radio will recognise the announcement to each day, which mentions I'm the editor of the series.   Incidentally,  I have just sent off the radio scripts for March and April and Robyn at Grace Gibson Productions tells me that they are going to be recorded on Thursday.

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