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Thursday, February 13, 2014

my cyclamen

Hello Julia here!   A few months ago my friend Di brought me a pretty cyclamen plant, and it was at its best.   This made me think about ages ago when we were still in the UK why it was that people who had these plants were wondering why so many of them were dying off far too soon, whereas other friends with cyclamens didn't have the problem   It seemed that, especially very elderly ladies, who when given them, put their plants in the 'front room' which wasn't used regularly and all was well.   It emerged that the plants do not like warm- especially centrally heated  - rooms.  Alas, mine faded all too quickly since it was Sydney winter at the time, and I must admit we are 'hot house plants' and the heating was going full blast,  So this prompted my memory.    I cut the poor creature right back to virtually nothing above the compost and  now the good news is I have a much bigger and healthier plant growing energetically away in the shade on my patio - heaven knows, when winter comes, where I'll keep it once it's once it's flower!

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