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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

News for Aussies!

Hi Gals and Guys You will probably know me from one way or the other and just perhaps my name will ring a bell for you if you live in Wagga-Wagga, Young, Wondai/Kingaroy, Perth, Darwin or Alice Springs.   You see, wearing another hat I am the astrologer who writes your daily predictions you hear every day on your favourite radio stations; so it's nice to be in contact in this different way.   Know that I really enjoy doing the interpretations for you, and I am an honest and very practical astrologer - nothing 'away with the fairies' with me'!  Every interpretation I write has an astrological or astronomical reason, and nothing just comes off the top of my head - I assure you that  within a day or two I'd run out of ideas if that was the case.   There's always a lot going on in the Solar system and this is my background information.   I was commissioned seven years ago by the lovely people at Grace Gibson Productions.   For your information I am up to my ears writing April2014 at the moment!   More news for everyone very soon   Cheers Julia

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