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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hi Julia here!  it's Sunday afternoon in Sydney and it's a good 29 Celsius and the usual clear blue sky.   We all know of  the superb work of the large international charities and a lot of us either donate reguarly, have done so in the past, or do what we can when we can like supporting the volunteers who  are now risking life and limb controlling the dreadful bush fires in Victoria and South Australia.  However, another high on my list is one I support which is based in England and  was inaugurated exactly 80 years ago by a remarkable woman, Dorothy Brooke, who was in Cairo in 1931and became aware of the ghastly neglect and treatment of the very brave war horses left abandoned. She raised money  and founded a hospital which opened in1934 to end their suffering, and at the time was unaware that decades later that The Brooke Foundation  would be transforming the lives of working animals world wide.   Thousands of working animals suffer mostly because of the ignorance of their owners.  Donkeys, mules as well as horses are made to work dreadfully long hours in searing heat without water and without rest, carrying  for instance,loads of bricks which are far too heavy, over greater distances than is reasonable.  Often their owners think they are just lazy but they are always  more than simply exhausted.or, worse still will treat them with totally unsuitable medication which does more harm than good.  Because of the Brooke the owners are given training, and the animals treatments by vets.   They get good shade, water and the right kind of food - especially when foals are born.   Soon the owners realise that their businesses thrive because the animals are being well looked after  and therefore  work better.   This wonderful work is being carried out in Egypt and Jordan, India, Africa Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.Nepal and Nicaragua.   Even if you can't afford a donation do look up their website -  they really are remarkable people doing much needed work, and I know you'll be more than just impressed Web site:  or if you'd like more information    I know you'll be very impressed.   Over to you -'bye for now - Yours Julia

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