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Monday, February 24, 2014

Julia's latest Pilates news!

Hi gals and guys!     As usual I had my great Pilates Session with Brad Leeon yesterday (Monday) afternoon, and as ever he challenged me with new positions and interesting specialised breathing techniques.   He often helps me regain my balance,  because a few years ago I badly tripped over wearing simple flat sandals, and  knocked my head (Derek says he'll never forget the sound of my hitting the pavement right by Hyde Park Gate). So blood stained and seven stitches later, with the the reassuring news that my skull wasn't cracked as the doctor had seen it -  I staggered home at 3.30am.  However, yesterday, after practicing walking on a steeply curved surface - not doing too badly -  Brad asked me to walk backwards.   His face was a study.   'You walk backwards far better than forward!'   I even got the impression that this was something new even to him!  I was surprised that the fall hadn't seriously disrupted my backward movements;  'but no', my extremely wise teacher replied ' It's disrupted your forward walking because up to the moment of the fall you were, in fact, walking forward and it's that that's making you so apprehensive!   I said that I was so used to walking backwards because of so much time I've spent with the Queen! (joke!)  'Bye for now -  keep breathing and exercising!

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