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Monday, February 17, 2014

Here comes Pompilia

Just got my book about a fascinating murder case on the Nte for downloading from Amazon: just to quote the publicity -

'Should a man be free to kill his adulterous wife? This is the crime of the eighteenth century. Count Guido Franceschini is accused of murdering his beautiful young wife Pompilia,  said to have eloped with a handsome young priest. But did they actually commit adultery? Half of Rome believes she did; the other half claims she is innocent. In this book the trial is reconstructed from contemporary court reports, and the gossip of the time. Pompilia: guilty or innocent? Count Guido: released or executed? This is the story Robert Browning re-told in his best-selling The Ring and the Book. From start to finish, it tells the story of one of the most fascinating trials of all time.  ‘A fine, powerful and persuasive book’ – Daily Telegraph   ‘Derek Parker is an exceptional and probing storyteller’ – History   ‘All the page-turning grip of a good thriller’ – Michael Dibdin.'
So, if anyone feels ready for a treat at $6.99 . . .


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