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Saturday, August 2, 2014

We've got attitudes - not nasty ones!

Hi you dancers -young and old.    I've been thinking recently what our beautiful attitude pose is actually saying - yes I do think that many of our ballet positions are actually saying something - I guess you're actually saying this idea is silly!   Maybe in some cases; but the attitude is different.   It also looks  very different depending where we are or were trained!      Look at the position of the Russian dancers. Their interpretation of the pose is far more open, and it is freer.  Putting it simply it is bigger.   It takes up more of our surrounding space.   I think it's saying 'look at me' (Well it would anyway!)  But added to that it goes on 'I'm not going to stay like this for any longer than I have to! I'm really keen and ready to move on to my next enchainment !  It is a  freer interpretation  of the pose, with more built in movement in spite of its stillness.  Now if you weren't - or aren't being - trained a la Russe,  your attitude will be much firmer, tighter and considerably more compact and secure looking,   I think it is saying 'Look at me! I am firm and I can stay here til curtain down if I have to - I don't want to move on until I have to!'   And let's face it, you darlings who have performed the Rose Adagio would identify with that useful concept!.    So I guess what I'm getting at in all this is I'm tending to feel that just maybe these beautiful poses can talk to us very differently from what we have to absorb and master when coming to terms with them physically and emotionally .     They can bring in another totally different dimension.   Well every little helps!  ' Bye for now  Julia

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