Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Greetings, Australian listeners!

This is just to say hello to all you people who hear my daily predictions on Radio Stations in Australia, and to thank you for taking the trouble to click on Julia Parker Astrology.   You were probably disappointed when you saw there were no up to date or extended forecasts, and I’m sorry about that; but I’m experimenting with this new approach and while I put out your daily forecasts for two months recently, don’t feel I’ve got it quite right as yet; but thank you to those of you who kindly sent us emails about them! Until the end of next month Derek and I will be in the UK and being particularly busy; so come October I have plans to get my forecasts under way again, if you see our ‘blog’ keep an eye on any entries related to astrology (or indeed any of our other varied interests!).   Meanwhile I hope to be back in due course and thank you for your patience.   All best wishes from Julia (Parker) – and Derek too!

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