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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Books, and then books.

'From his earliest infancy he was remarkable for his great fondness for reading, so that when any of his family went to distant markets or fairs, he constantly importuned them to bring him presents of books; which, if they returned home later than his usual hour of going to rest, were always taken up to bed to him; and sometimes when they had been forgotten, his mother had no other means to allure him to sleep but by wrapping a piece of wood in paper like a book, which he would then huig to his pillow till the morning discovered the deception.'

Written about William Shenstone (1714-63) - but might have been written about me! However I hope that the following isn't as true: Lord Kames met Lord Monboddo in the street (about 1780). 'Well,' said Kames, 'have you read me book?' 'I have not, my lord,' replied Monboddo. 'You write a great deal faster than I am able to read.'

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