Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What Mr Lilly thinks of Virgo

Qualities of the sign Virgo   It’s an earthly, cold, melancholly, barren, feminine, nocturnall, Southerne Signe; the house and exaltation of Mercury, of the earthly triplicity.
Places Virgo Signifieth    It signifieth a Study where Books are, a Closet, a Dairy-house, Corne-fields, Granaries, Malt-houses, Hayricks or of Barley, Wheat or Pease, or a place where Cheese and Butter is preserved and stored up. 
Diseases   The Wormes, Winde, Cholicke, all Obstructions in the bowels and miseraics, croking of the Guts, infirmesse in the Stones, any disease in the belly.
Kingdoms, Countries and Cities subject to Virgo   Greece, the south part thereof, Croatia, the Athenian territory, Messopotamia, Affrica, the South-West of France, Paris, Hierusalem, Rhodes, Lyons, Thoulouse, Basil, Heidelberg.
Shape and Description   A slender Body of mean height, but decently composed; a ruddy browne complexion, blacke hayre, well-pfavoured or lovely, but no beautifull creature, a small shrill voyce, all members inclining to brevity; a witty discreet soule, judicious and excellently well spoken, studious and given to History, whether Man or Woman; it produceth a care, understanding, if Mercury be in this Signe, and Moon in Cancer, but somewhat unstable.

-          William Lilly, Christian Astrology (1647)

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