Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Israel, Hamas, and general idiocy.

One has to be pretty cautious with one's Jewish friends, these days, though a good number of them are beginning to wonder whether Israel hasn't gone too far in the war against Palestine. It's a sad business. I supported the establishment of the state of Israel, though a little leary of the act if terrorism with which they started out; but I have to say that during the past decade or so I have become less and less sympathetic to the state, what with its continually illegal building of Jewish houses on what by any account is Palestinian land; and now they are clearly going to bomb their 'enemies' into submission, however many children and woman and indeed innocent men are killed in the process. It would really be good if a new leader emerged to take the place of the present bomb-happy loon, but it seems that a sufficient number of Israelis support his actions to keep him in place.
The above is not intended to support the bombing of Israel by Hamas, which clearly the action of terrorists. However, if one compares the number of women and children and even soldiers killed by Hamas rockets with the number of  children killed by Israeli bombs, it is clear that the term 'aggressor' does not apply only to Hamas. And as for the children killed while playing on the Palestinian beach and in the Palestinian school, who Israel claim were killed by fault Hamas rockets - phooey. That story has been told too often to be credible.

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