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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Another of our astrology books is waking up again!

Hi gals and guys!    Yes, Derek is now working hard on putting our  LIFE SIGNS - An Astrological   Guide to the Way we Live - on the net, re-titled Astrology at Home   I must say it's a book I have been pleased about since it was published some time ago.   It's based on the Sun-Signs, so it's easy to follow, and each sign has a really big crack of the whip!    It  covers all spheres of life with what I hope is a delicious, revealing and interesting emphasis on our love and sex lives, lots about parenting, and the sign members as children, but career hints, finances, and lots more all come under my microscope.   It will be a few weeks before it actually appears, and I'll let you know when it's ready for you to download, because I think you'll not only enjoy it, but identify with many of my comments, and I hope too get a new perspective on what your special sign can do for you, and of course as ever with my books, I don't think for a moment you'll be bored!   More news about it later.    All the best - always Julia!

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