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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kindly speak clearly . . .

I do wish that computer help-lines would employ men and women who speak clear English. I really haven't a racist bone in my body, and I have liked and enjoyed meeting every Indian I have ever encountered, but oh, I am very tired indeed of trying to understand the Indian voices which always seem to answer when I attempt to consult the help-lines. What with indifferent telephone lines to wherever in Indian the office happens to be, a slight hearing problem and the often extremely heavy accents, I have just given up trying to understand them and either live with the problem or search around until I find some in the neighbourhood who can help. I understand that the problem arises for financial reasons, but if the computer companies realized just how much they are frustrating so many customers, they might think again.
End of rant!

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  1. Not to speak of the people in the Philippines.

    I once had a call from a very nice Indian man working in Sydney who started his sentence with "Please don't hang up, I'm not from a call centre..."