Thursday, June 19, 2014

Is it 'Hokey Pokey' or 'Hokey Cokey'?

Well gals and guys, I'm confused and unless you're an old, you will be too.   These are the names of a group dance, in which everyone stands in a ring and starts singing 'You put your right arm out, you put  your right arm in and you shake it all about - you  do the hokey cokey and you turn about - that's what it's all about.'   The dance got rowdier and rowdier as all parts of the body came in for the 'treatment',  and in between every body part everyone rushed to the middle of the circle singing the praises of the hokey cokey.   Now here's where I'm confused -  because  we in the UK -always sung hokey cokey while I've recently learned here in Australia  everyone one sung hokey pokey!!!  (What went on in the States if it crossed the Atlantic Pond?)   Am I right in thinking that in the UK hokey pokey was though a bit rude with considerable innuendo? Going back several decades, hokey-pokey  was a name for ice cream, sold in little glasses  and these were sort of 'washed' by the seller, but strictly not allowed to be bought for children who had  nice clean mothers!    Sorry about this load of rubbish, but there you go!!!    Cheers Julia!  P.S: Don't forget to go to  to get to our web site and go on from there to read my fun forecasts for the day!

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