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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Everything in the garden is green!

Hello Guys and Gals!   Do you own garden tools -mostly the small ones like trowels, clippers and, oh  yes,  those green thumb gloves and other makes like that?    Aren't they a pest?   Of course, when the directors and designers of these items get together  when they have to decide on the colour of these items. . .   'Well it's garden stuff -Okay let's choose green!    After all green is a common garden colour.'   Oh no that's nothing to do with it.   They are green because it's so easy to lose these little friends in the green shrubs, clippings,the grass and so on.   Then when the item is lost all we poor souls have to do is to go back to our supermarket or garden centre and stretch our plastic to purchase replacements - it's so good for sales,  isn't it?   Ugh!!   Cheers as ever Julia

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