Saturday, June 21, 2014

Astrological animals

The lion, bull, eagle and a winged human figure represent the four fixed signs of the Zodiac, and are linked to the four elements - the lion said to represent emotion, the bull the physical aspect of life, the eagle aspiration and the winged figure the union of these elements in a human being. In the Old Testament the creatures are described (in Exekial I, 5-10) and there is a clear association with the four beasts 'full of eyes before and behind' described in Revelations (IV, 6-10).
The lion is related to the sign of Leo, the fire element the evangelist St Mark and the archangel Michael.
The bull to Taurus, earth, St Luke and Uriel
The eagle to Scorpio, water, St John and Gabriel
The winged figure to Aquarius, air, St Matthew and Raphael.

See Parkers' Encyclopaedia of Astrology (ISBN 978-1-905857-71-5)

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