Monday, June 30, 2014

Derek's coffee art!!

Hi Gals and Guys !    We're coffee addicts and of course we have one of those nice machines.   Derek had  been struggling for sometime trying to create coffee art, with little success, so for one of his two birthday presents I gave him a proper barrista's milk jug - hes' been  practicing since his birthday, (27th of May)  and  he's been making slowish but steady progress.   However this morning at our 11oclock,  he produced a real masterpiece a lovely swan - straight out of Swan lake -it was brilliant, then after lunch he scored again.   This time with a dancer -obviously straight out of 'So You Think You Can Dance!'  I just had to tell you!   Cheers for Derek -  and he hasn't even been to a barrista's school!!!  'bye for now - Julia!

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