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Sunday, September 13, 2015

We Brits. . .

Hello Gals and Guys    Well yes we Brits. . . .You know we don't sing our own praises that often,   nor do we put our hands on our hearts every morning  as school starts and swear allegiance to the Queen and the flag;  and while we all love HM,really it's not just our way.   Of course we are more than merely excited, and probably feel somewhat smug, when we gather huge clusters of medals at Olympics and so on, but I do feel very strongly that there is one night every year when we can, and should  go O.T.T and be more than proud to be British.   This is the Last Night of the Proms!   I usually, burst into tears when 'Land of Hope and Glory' begins and that's just as it should be.   Glorious in more ways than one.   I have been present on several Last Nights and the atmosphere in the Hall is indescribable.  I remember slightly scolding a woman waving the EEC flag and in my best polite English way I did say 'Oh no not tonight please!'   Of course, we all know that the 'mighty' which is made much of in the inspiring lyrics of our national song, isn't what it was; but it's good to let the world know of our sense of pride, and this night-of- nights is just one occasion when  we really can show off with justification.   Derek and I now live in Sydney so we couldn't be there on Saturday, 14th September, however last evening (Sunday) watching the occasion on UKTV found me tear- stained, opening our patio doors and turning up the television  sound to it fullest. . . Well, ,Australia loves the Queen too, even if at the moment we Brits are tactful when  the cricket is in our favour!!!  And until that long distant day when Australia becomes  a Republic why not?     Cheers Julia

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