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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hi gals - it's still a man's world!

Yes, my female friends   Two things  have hit home to me very recently.       A few days ago we were at Melbourne airport.  It was about four o'clock and there were at least thirty people waiting to check in at the business class gate for a flight to Sydney.   I looked at the queue.   It consisted of us and the rest were single travellors carrying their brief cases and their lap tops -obviously  having done a good day's business in Melbourne, and seemingly going home - or  to yet more meetings.   The whole queue consisted of men.   Looking around I actually saw two business women in line.   I thought, well we've come a long way, but we've sure got a hell of a way to go.   It's still a man's world!   The second incident is really dreadful.   Did you know that when new drugs are being researched and tested they are nearly always just tested on men?   There is considerable evidence that women do react differently  but this is largely ignored.   I have learned that the drug companies have many excuses.  The research would take far longer, and add  to thecost. Women  menstrate, get pragnant and there would be considerable risk to the feotus.     To quote one incident, occasionally  problems occur:  the sleeping pill 'Stillnox' was ony tested on men and it was recently discovered that women eliminate more slowly than  men, causing them to be less alert in the morning, and after taking the pill it has led to cases of  'sleep driving'!  Do these compainies not know that there are millions of us who don't mensttrate any more, who have well and truly have completed their families?     Most of us are all-together gals, physically fit and exercised, with every marble well in place where it should be - even if we are not be under thirty or whatever.    Or will this simply be yet another excuse to cut short important  important research which has impact on half the world's population?       Why not bring up this problem when being precribed a drug you've not experienced before?

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