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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Here's another 'return' for you!

Hi Gals and Guys.   A while ago I told you about the Jupiter return, well here's another that you can work out for yourselves.   Remember I said that because Jupiter takes twelve years to travel round the sun and comes back to the position it was in when you were born, it makes a useful trend to use to push yourselves on in what is most important to you.   Well. . .  Saturn takes some 29 and a half to thirty years to travel round the sun, and so we get our first Saturn Return as we approach thirty, and the second as we near sixty.   Becoming thirty is a landmark time, when we reassess our progress in our lives and often begin to feel that bit older, and we ask ourselves 'what next?'  Many people at this important time deepen their relationship by marriage  (or end an unsuccessful  partnership) start their families and often make house purchase.  While now reasonably settled in their careers the time is right to decide on long term ambitions and if already done so then the time is also right to decide on the next steps of the ladder - again a time to use constructively and to take important decisions, sometimes hard ones, but it's unlikely to make a bad decision at this time,  but changes are often made.   As we near sixty we approach our second Saturn Return.    So many people come out of full time employment and retire, perhaps they 'down size' .   But here too is a time to look to the future and while they are thinking seriously about their future, they must also think very positively.   This can be hard but. . .  this second Saturn return is unique, because it is also the time  of a Jupiter Return - one's fifth in the order of things.   Here Jupiter is countering any negativity, and at its strongest it is saying you now have time to concentrate on those interests you've not had time for in the past time to do so.   It's not a time to crumble under any Saturn's dreariness but to think of this and use your coming decades in a positive and rewarding way.  Grandchildren often feature, there'll be  time for travel if it can be afforded ,  this surely is time given, and above all else keep exercising, even if you have to modify your schedule.   Make the most of this demanding, but  inspiring period..   Now of course more and more of us live to get our third Saturn Return.   if that's you're lot, be happy think and tell younger people all about what it was like when you were young - especially the second World War.!!! Check out photo albums making quite sure that there are descriptions of what and who are in the pictures on the back of the pictures!

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