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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Many happy returns, Julia!

Hi, guys! Well, yes, that's what folk are saying to me today because -  obviously-  it's my birthday (Happy Birthday yesterday,  Helen Mirren)  When we mention 'returns', we send lot of good wishes or positive feed-back.    However. . .   here's another slant on this pleasant greeting.   On our birthdays the Sun returns to the precise position in its Zodiac Sun-sign it was in on the day when we were born.   Serious astrologers use this astronomical phenomenon as one interesting background factor to what we might usefully focus on during the coming twelve months. It's a sort of twelve months snap- shot.   In this context it is our  Solar Return.  It's not going to tell us what will happen - that's just not on - but it's useful, and the 'Solar Return chart' is cast for when 'the return' is exact in the individual's location.   Sometimes this particular 'return' is stunningly important.   Yonks before I became interested  in - let alone a serious student of - astrology Derek and I were married on my birthday - it was also the time of the Leo New Moon  but I didn't know that at the time. . .  Well guys, that was. . . 58 years ago today!!!
  If all this sort of thing fascinates you, very soon I'll be blogging on about Jupiter.  That's another fascinating story,   Today we're celebrating, so wish me   a 'Happy Solar Return!  cheers from Julia

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