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Monday, July 20, 2015

Leo's trembling passion . . .

Qualities of the Sign Leo   Is the onely house of the Sun, by nature Fiery, Hot, Dry, Cholericke, Diurnal, Commanding, Bestial, Barren, of the East, and Fiery Triplicity, Masculine.
Diseases   All sicknesses in the ribs and sides, as Pluricies, Convulsions, paines in the backe, trembling or passion of the heart, violent burning feavers, all weaknesse or diseases in the heart, sore eyes, the Plague, the Pestilence, the yellow-Jaundice.
Places Leo Signifieth   A place where wilde Beasts frequent, Woods, Forrests, Desert places, steep rocky places, unacceptable places, Kings Palaces, Castles, Forts, Parks, in houses where fire is kept, neer a Chimney.
Shape and Description   Great round Head, big Eyes starting or staring out, or goggle-eyes, quick-sighted, a full and large body and it more then of middle stature, broad Shoulders, narrow Sides, yellow or darke flaxen haire and it much curling or turning up, a fierce Countenance, but ruddy, high sanguine complexion, strong, valiant and active.
Kingdoms, Countries and Cities subject to Leo   Italy, Bohemia, the Alpes, Turkie, Sicilia. Apulia, Rome,Syracuse, Cremona, Ravenna. Damascus, Prague, Lintz, Bristol.

-          William Lilly, Christian Astrology (1647)

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