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Friday, July 3, 2015

Gay marriage, and all that jazz

I can't say I'd go to the stake for the right of homosexual couples to get married (whatever they mean by the word), but I've certainly no objection to it, and it's difficult not to be appalled by the violence of those who do object. I have to say it seems to me that - if you set aside those people who believe they have been instructed by some nonentity in the sky that gay marriage is almost as bad as covetng their neighbours' ox - the objectors are those who have some more or less secrect horror or cotempt for any sexual activity between people of the same sex. Where this comes from, I can't say - humans seem to be the only beings on earth who are worried about it; animals happily gambol about irrespective of what sex they are, and planets seem on the whole disinterested where sexual activity is concerned. In any case, surely what people do with this or where they put that is a matter for them provided they don't, in the famous phrase, do it in the street and frighten the horses. The objectots aren't identifiable by classs or politics - indeed it's one of the few prejudices shared by left and right, though the right in the shape of Mr Murdoch's Press was pretty violently opposed until the climate of opinion changed and it was obvious that most readers either didn't care a damn or were on the side of gay marriage.
The Australian Government is one of the last bastions of prejudice as far as the West is concerned, and the reason seems mainly because the majority of members of the Prime Minister's cabinet, incuding himself, are Roman Catholics. Their eagerness to explain that they are against gay mrriage because it's a left-wing plot got up by the Labour Opposition is pathetically weak. They will of course give way sooner or later, probably sooner, if only because of the votes they'll lose if they don't. Mr Putin and the Duma may be another matter.

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