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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Manilius on the twelve Signs.

'Aurato princeps Aries in vellere fulgens
Respicit admirans aversum surgere Taurum . . .'

Resplendent in his golden fleece the Ram leads the way and looks back with wonder at the backward rising of the Bull, who with lowered face and brow summons the Twins; these the Crab follows, the Lion the Crab, and the Virgin the Lion. Then the Balance, having matched daylight with the length of night, draws ion the Scorpion, ablaze with his glittering constellation, at whose tail the man with body of a horse aims with taut bow a winged shaft, ever in act to shoot. Next comes Capricorn, curled up within his cramped asterism, and after him from urn upturned the Waterman pours forth the wionter stream for the Fishes which swim eagerly into it; and these as they bring up the rear of the signs are joined by the Ram.

Manilius - Astronomica, c.90BC.

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