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Thursday, August 20, 2015

I think you'll find this interesting - everybody does!

Hi gals and guys!   Remember a few weeks ago I told you about the real meaning of  Many Happy Returns? Well I hinted then  that there are a number of other 'returns' which are related to the planets' movements.   Here's a real honey!!!  The planets, take very different times to complete their journey round the Sun according to their  positions in the Solar System.   SO. . .  once in twelve years, we all experience( this is nothing to do with our Sun sign,) a Jupiter Return.. because  at this time Jupiter comes back to the position it was in when we were born.    Very roughly it takes about a year to complete its journey through each sign.   It doesn't really matter for you to learn what your Jupiter is in, is though this is fascinating and you can refer to my astrology  books or just dis cover more info about the planet's astrological influences on the net.  This motion, is by the way a purely astronomical fact. Therefore when we are in our twelfth year, our 24th 36th  and so on, we are in Jupiter Return years.    So young people when they are about twelve should be particularly encouraged to spend as much time as possible in what interests them most -  usually out of school subjects.  It's good they should enter competitions, take  extra classes  and certainly  practice more -  be it on the sports field the pool or the dance  studio.   Giving constructive praise will be worth while.  At 24 we're usually moving on and often enjoy travel and so on. . .   What ever your situation making an effort in what's important and what you love doing,is always worthwhile at these time.- we often make a bit more money too and above all have fun!   I always say we need to give Jupiter a little push in the direction we want him to go and we get good results!   In 2002 Derek and I had a Jupiter \return as I we both have Jupiter in Leo   We moved to Sydney after over forty years in London, and haven't looked back we bought a lovely house.   AND this year as Jupiter been in Leo again I have been working  hard on a big writing project.  So Jupiter is about to change signs so work out if you are heading for an age that can be divided by twelve -if so make an extra effort. Jupiter will be working for you  from Virgo by the way.   Next time I'll be telling you about the Saturn returns.... Cheers for now -  keep at it - always Julia

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