Monday, April 20, 2015

Uncle Tom played with my thing . . .

In all the discussion about paedophilia and its effects on children, one area seems to have been more or less ignored, and that is the mitigating effect on children of a sensible and reasoned attitude to any untoward advance or interference by an adult. Really serious and violent attacks such as rape or near-rape, are something to be taken very seriously indeed - and it is surely usually perfectly clear whether the child has suffered physical or serious psychlogical damage, and whether the attack should immediately be reported to authority. But with less serious incidents, if mother cries and father immediately summons the police, the effect on a young child can be more serious than the event itself. On the other hand if the parents' attitude is that Uncle Tom, or whoever, has just been playing a silly game, the effect is far less traumatic and possibly not a serious problem at all. This is clearly a matter for serious consideratioin by every parent: if a young child reports that some one has been 'playing with him', or something of the sort, it is far wiser to tryto deal sensibly with the matter than to become hysterical and convey the hysteria to the chiold. Think about it.

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