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Monday, April 20, 2015

Colourful flowers?

Hi Julia Here!Yes colourful flowers!  I have seen them from time to time in florists - thinking mostly of these lovely long-lasting Singapore orchids that turn up in different colours???    But today in our supermarket there was a large display of truly wonderful WHITE chrysanthemums  that had been sprayed with really ghastly colours - .magenta, dark turquoise, awful shocking pink and even nearly  navy blue with a very unreal dark orange.   The florist hates them (thankfully)  but why does the company stock them?    They are obviously not selling well, as the poor creatures were beginning to shed a few of their petals.   Looking inside  them there were traces of white here and there which made me feel even more cross, upset and more than annoyed.   This goes against nature and is one huge cheat. . .  If those colours are really desirable then let the growers develop them.   I suppose we can forgive Oscar Wilde wearing the odd green carnation!    

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