Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ice or ice-cream?

I guess I'm fortunate, but I've never been tempted by hard drugs - or soft drugs for that matter. I smoked one cigar when I was twenty, and couldn't see the point of it; cigarette smoke was quite enough to put me off smoking cigarettes. I drank beer for a while in mildly immoderate quantties - but never enough to make me more than slghtly tipsy; the single incident of getting really drunk finished me for that: not an experience I wanted to repeat. The idea of people actually going out for an evening to get drunk astonishes me. I now have one drink - a single measure of spirits - a day, and I enjoy it very much - but, really, for the taste rather than the effect, which is pretty minimal. The idea of even trying seriously addictive drugs has always horrrified me, mainly because I find the idea of being in any way out of control of myself, my behaviour, my emotions, impossible to contemplate. Am I missing a great deal? When I read of men and women committing suicide as the result of taking drugs, I suspect not. On the other hand, of course it is possible to understand how people reduced for one reason and another to ther depths of depression would be likely to seek out some means of feeling even slightly more able to live a reasonably bearable life. But ice? Give me ice-cream, any time.

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