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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Going, going . . .

April 1 and a quarter of 2015 gone already. Can you believe it? All too well. What is the explanataion for time appearing to pass so much more quickly when one grows old? Compare a week, now, with a week when one was five, and it seemed to last forever - the agony of having to wait a whole month for one's birthday. And so on. I read somewhere that scientists are ivestigating the lives of insects who live for only for a day, or even a few hours; the theory being that time passes much morre slowly for them, so that a life of a day seems to them to be a life-span of years. If the explanation could be discovered, maybe a quick injection and at 85 one would still be experiencing a 'normal' life-time, instead of one in which a weekly shopping expedition comes round every second day. Now finding a way to slow down time's winged chariot - that would be useful,

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