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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

For all dog lovers, please

Hi Julia here!    Did you know that grapes are toxic for dogs?   Please read on.   For a long time we when  we had them, we would give our dog a grape when we had them.   We thought that he had a sensitive stomach and so our vet at the time gave us something to settle his stomach. we then learned that it  was the odd grape that upset his balance and from then on his tummy was okay. . . all this was fine until yesterday. . . read on -
 We left our two fox terriers Crim and Fille in the living room as usual, as went went off to the supermarket.   When we got back I noticed lots of bits of twig on the floor.   They had got up to the dining table and stolen the remains of a sizable bunch of grapes.   I  immediately phoned our vet who told us to bring them in.    Fortunately they'd scoffed them within the hour.   They were made to vomit, but they were at serious risk for renal failure, so since yesterday morning (10th of March) they are on a drip and in the vet's hospital.   We will know how they are later this afternoon (11th of March).   They might be clear of the toxins and the risk will have been checked; but we could well have to wait for another twenty four hours before we can bring them home.   As this was an accident we hope our pet insurance will help out of the huge bill of well over $1000 Australian dollars.      So many people don't know that grapes are very bad for dogs, so  please spread the word around and ask your vet to put up a notice to that effect.    As fox terriers Crim abd Fille (Pronounced 'fee') at eight and nine year olds are in their prime.  This breed live a good long time - that is if we make the effort to check their naughty  stealing habits!!    I'll keep you blogged!

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