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Monday, March 30, 2015

For all you bloggers who down-load ebooks

Hi! Here's Julia's latest news.

I've just put two volumes of an action-packed family saga on the net

If you like good page-turners, lots of intermingled story lines set in various locations and involving some sixty three characters and more, these books are definitely for you!    
The story kicks off with a family of four - actually, my own ancestors - about to emigrate from Plymouth, England, to Sydney, Australia. During their six weeks' voyage they encounter other passengers, all of whom have a powerful influence on their very different lives.
The two books cover the period from 1882 - 1893, and you can expect  to become involved in the  successes and setbacks of the the Tapsons' building and fashion businesses. There are passionate, sexy encounters leading to  romance and weddings -and  a birth and death or two, along with a disastrous fire. The theme of our main characters rising in the social scale makes form an  interesting background, while the plot moves through a number of different countries.

The novel is called Coming South, and because it is a lengthy saga with such a broad picture of life in nineteenth century England and Australia, I've published it in two volumes - Volume One, and Volume Two: I'm sure that once you get stuck into Volume One you'll find it pretty impossible not  to go on to Volume Two - you'll just have to find out what happens next!  

So if holidays are ahead, or long flights - or whatever - I think you'll find it good to get involved with Mary, Fred, Susan and John . . .  and then there are many more, such as Agatha and Orlando - not forgetting his horse Zenobia!

Don't forget - you DON'T need to have a Kindle to read these books - you can download them in any of the many media, such as your ipad or even your phone!

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