Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What Mr Lilly thinks of Capricorn

Qualities of the Signe Capricorn   It’s the House of Saturn, and is Nocturnal, Cold, Dry, Melancholly, Earthly, Feminine, Solsticiall. Cardinall, Moveable, Domesticall, Fourfooted, Southerne; the exaltation of Mars.
Diseases   It hath government of the Knees, and all diseases incident to those places, either by Straines or Fractures; it notes Leprosy, the Itch, the Scab.
Places   It shewes an Oxe-house, or Cow house, or where Calves are kept or Tooles for Husbandry, or old Wood is laid up; or where Sailes for Ships and such Materials are stored; also Sheep-pens ad grounds where Sheepe feed, Fallow-grounds, barren-Fields Bushie and Thorny; Dunghils in Fields, or where Soyle is laid in houses low, dark places, neer the ground or threshold.
Corporature   Usually dry Bodies, not high of Stature, long, leane and slender Visage, thin Beard, black Haire, a narrow Chin, long small Necke and narrow Brest. I have found many times Capricorn ascending the party to have white Hair, but in the seventh ever Blacke, I conceive the whitenesse proceeded from the nature of the Family rather then of the Signs.
Kingdomes, Countries, Cities   Thrace, Macedon in Greec niow Turjkie, Albania, Bugaria, Saxony the South-west part, West-Indies, Stiria, the Isles Orcades, Oxford, Macklin, Clebes, Brandenburge.

-          William Lilly, Christian Astrology (1647)

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