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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Does God love children?

I'm always fascinated by the proposition that God loves children. There seems a long catalogue of events that suggests otherwise, from the Aberfan tragedy (a whole infants' school bured in mud) to the more recent massacre of over a hundred children by the Taliban. If one was a parent, and saw someone attacking one's child, I suggest one might intervene. God the Father (sic) who apparently is all-powerful, choses to look on and do nothing. Mind you he seems to hate all mankind, of whatever age, given his recent disinclination to intervene when two innocent people were murdered in a Sydney cafe, to say nothing of the wars that have decimated almost every country on earth since he  . . . oh yes, leaned against a cloud watching  his own son being murdered. Three cheers for Christianity? I think not. One of the sillier religions, I'd say. The only reason to wish that it were true is the sad thought that the Popes and all the rest will never know what nonsense it is, as they slip away into dark emptiness.

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