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Friday, January 16, 2015

Terrorism lives!

London, Paris, Sydney - recent terrorist attacks seem to have almost paralised people's thought processes, and there is almost a feeling that at any minute one's life may be brought to an end by  some new almost random attack.Nothing new, really, however.- anyone who is tempted to be really frightened by the situatio might well ponder how things were 70 or so years ago: if you lived in England you were likely at any hour of the day or night to be carried off by a German bomb - and indeed the same was true in Germany, where the bomb would have been English. In the occupied countries any attempt to live a 'free' life was likely to bring you under the hand of the Gestapo, with consequences pretty much the same as those if today you live in an Islanic state. It is true that the enormities being perpetrated by the extreme Islamists probably almost equal those in the concentration camps of Europe in the 1940s; and then one can look for equal horrors to life in some areas of Africa. But then, look back through history and equally dreadful pograms are to be found on an annual basis. Men, it seems - mankind - is devoted to the idea of inflicting the utmost terror and pain on those who disagree with this position or that. It sometimes seems a positive relief that it looks as though within a century or so we will have destroyed the planet (2013 the hottest year so far ever recorded). It seems, at times, that all we can do is find what personal happiness we can in our own lives, and try not to feel to guilty about it.

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