Saturday, December 16, 2017

A merry girl and some royal bodies.

 Sunday, January 10th Miss Sains related stories of a young woman well known to her who had charge of a crèche of 30 infants, and amused herself one day by changing all their clothes so that at night they could not be identified. And many of them never were identified,’ said Miss Sains. ‘I knew all her brothers and sisters, too. She wanted to go into a sisterhood, and she did, for a month. The only thing she did there was one day she went into the laundry and taught all the laundry-maids the polka. She was such a merry girl,’ said Miss Sains simply.

Monday, January 11th – Mme Postnay was in the courtyard of the palace  of the King and Queen of Serbia, but knew nothing. 'What are they throwing bolsters out of the windows for?’ she asked. It was the bodies.
                                                                                                                Arnold Bennett's Journal. 1908.

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