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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Who's afraid of Michael Tippett?

Just presented a concert - on - culminating in Michael Tippett's fourth symphony. How many listeners were left to hear the final exhaled breath, I wonder?  Even Lloyd Webber is more tuneful. But it's a facinating work, and I programmed it in the hope that maybe one or even two people might overheard the beginning, or a bit in the middle, and thought 'Ho!" - or something of the soret - and listened until the end, and will maybe even search out more Tippett (seriously undervalued and outpaced by Britten). Maybe all I'm doing is putting listeners off a station which will broadcast such stuff, though? Well, I do from time to time programme a concert consisting entirely of top pops- Beehoven's fifth, Mendelssohn's violin conctero, the Overture to Candide. So horses for courses, and if the goign gets a bit tough occasionally, I'm hopefully counting on one or two people staying the the saddle. But hey, if I'm going to start sing that kind of language, it's time to go.

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