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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

All you Cancerians - take note!

Hi!   Julia here!
Yes, well, as you probably know the Sun's been in your sign for a day or two, and until  the 23rd of July (when it'll be Leo's turn) you should make the most of the weeks ahead to do lots, have fun and take plenty of action. The Moon is Full on Thursday July 2nd, and nearly all of us feel the additional energy whether we're consciously aware of it or not.  For instance,we often sleep less well than usual, and this is a time when we tend to get round to catching up with jobs we've been shelving - but  we always have to be  aware that we might easily react over-emotionally.   However, for Cancers this Full Moon is additionally important; if possible make it a 'key day' in one way or another, and do try to question any of those Cancer worries - they could well be far less important than  you realize.  I'll be giving more astrological and indeed astronomical news in future, and my comments won't always be just related to the current  Sun sign!!    Cheers for now, and Happy Birthday Cancerians, or was we astrologers say, Happy SOLAR RETURN . . .  but that's another story for another day!  
Always, Julia.

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