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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A popular murderer

Some time ago a man named Martin had relations, comme maquereau [‘like a mackerel’ i.e., through a pimp] with a courtesan. She found a rich protector, and told Martin frankly that she could only see him on the quiet in future, as the rich protector would be jealous. Martin got into her apartment, stood behind the door, and struck her dead with one blow of the knife in the heart as she entered one night. She was only a fille, and the affair was considered as a crime passionel, and Martin was acquitted (doux pays!) [what a sweet country!]. I was told yesterday that Martin, handsome and well dressed, frequents the Folies-Bergère and other places, and has relations with other women. There are a number of women who are proud to shake hands with, and to be the mistress of an assassin. ‘He killed a woman at one stroke!’ In certain circles Martin is the vogue! This is one of the most curious, and yet natural, things I have heard about Paris.
                                                                       The Journals of Arnold Bennett - Friday, June 3rd, 1904

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