Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cure for piles

A man has had bad pains in his bum. A friend says it's piles, so he applies various creams which do no good. Another friend says, 'No, creams are useless. What you want to do is have a cup of tea then take the tea leaves and put them up your arse. It"s like a poultice. Does the trick in no time.' So whenever the man has a cup of tea he puts the leaves up his arse. No joy. When at the end of the week he's no better he goes to the doctor. The doctor tells him to take his trousers down, looks up his bum, and says, 'Yes. Well, there are two things to say, One is that you're right, you do have piles. And the other is that you're going on a loing journey.'

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