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Monday, February 16, 2015

we went to a stunning exhibition

Hi Guys I know I've been neglecting  you for several months and I'm sorry - this is because I have been finishing off a very long faction family saga.    The story is based on some members of my Mother's family who emigrated to North Sydney in1882.   I know it's  a good page turner, with some 63 characters and a lot of story lines.   It's kept me busy and it's now with my London agent who is very interested in it. . .  If you happen to be, it's to be called Coming South' . . . We'll see. . . I've just started Vol Two.   However I've been motivated to get back to blogging today because yesterday Derek and I went to the most stunning exhibition of jewellery in the Power House Museum here in Sydney.   It is vast, and has pieces from Ancient Egypt down to the most recent experimental.  Every case - and it is beautifully themed - has something to make one gasp, or indeed feel a bit weepy when one sees a collection of decorated pennies with inscriptions of love cut into them by convicts.  In 1954 the Queen was presented with a really corker of brooch of Australian wattle and tea tree leaves   She's lent it for three months and boy, does it sparkle and did even then on the not terribly good movie shots!  The exhibition seems to have had no or very little publicity - we thought it had just  opened  but  learned as we left  it's been on for sometime.   It was dreadfully quiet with hardly anyone there apart from ourselves - and we wouldn't have known about it but for some some casual mention on TV or in last Sunday's paper.   We both rate this show very highly indeed and  feel it is  on a par with what we would expect to see in the V&A in London - if you're in, or reasonably near Sydney, and love jewellery  DO GO!  Yes, and  even if you live as far as away as Canberra come. . . After all, we make the effort to come down to you to see exhibitions from time to time . . . Cheers for now more in the not so distant future always Julia Parker  (Derek's other half!)

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