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Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's really good to be old, and still fairly cool

Sitting out on the patio in Sydney yesterday in a temperature of 91 degrees and drinking up speedily before the ice in the glass melted, it did cross my mind to wonder what is actually going on - the day the clocks go on to signal spring, and temperatures like these? And a fortnight ago people sunbathing on the beach in South Wales in an English autumn . . . Global warming? I begin to suspect that it's so - and if it is, it's probably too late to do anything about it, even in the unlikely eventuality of any government taking real action: and let's face it, no government in the world is going to do that. To make any real difference to the onward gallop of warming  such high taxes would be necessary that no leader of any political party anywhere could countenance it. Yes, in the good old phrase from Dad's Army,  'we're all doomed.' And actually, it's not funny. I'm tempted to say it's good to be in my ninth decade; I shan't be around to see the really bad years to come. Sadly, children under five probably will. And it'll be even less funny for them.

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